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Driver instructions

Step 1: Before your trip

Doelhaagstraat 72, 2840 Rumst, Belgium

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ODTH is using an automated registration system, make sure you have:

  • Reference number (the one agreed between ODTH and the customer) or QR code
  • Identification (passport)
  • Transport documents
  • Clean license plate number on truck

Step 2: Booking an hour slot

ODTH is asking to book an un-/loading slot, valid for one hour. We understand that it is not always possible to register within your time slot. It is important to understand that your truck will still be (un)loaded as soon as possible outside this slot. The slot will give you priority if you register inside the slot.


Example:  You have booked a slot between 14:00 PM and 15:00 PM.

  • Truck register between 14:00 PM and 14:59 PM: truck will be (un)loaded with priority.

  • Truck register at 15:01 PM: truck will still be (un)load at first opportunity, but trucks with a slot for 15:00 PM will be given priority.

Step 3: Your arrival

ODTH is using an automated registration system with ANPR cameras.


  • Park at the preparking
  • Register by self sign-on
  • Receive your unique un-/loading card
  • Drive to the correct dock door

Entrance of the preparking

Entrance of the preparking clearly marked by the yellow indication “IN”

Drive with your truck close to the stop line to automatically open the barrier.

Please park your truck on the preparking and walk to the office container for the self sign-on.

Self sign-on

Announce your arrival by using the self sign-on tablets (Needed: unique reference or QR code, passport and a booking slot)

After a successful registration, the system will ask you to go to the security officer (opposite side of the office container)

The security officer will

  • hand over the un-/loading card if you are granted to the site immediately.
  • will ask you to wait in the truck, the officer will forward you a SMS to get your un-/loading card.


Access to the un-/loading zone will be granted after scanning the barcode on the un-/loading card at the barrier.

Follow the main road:

  • the “DROP” trailer parking in on your left  (100m)
  • the dock doors are clearly indicated.