SEVESO Requirements

Various obligations are imposed on Seveso establishments with respect to managing the dangers associated with the presence of hazardous substances. These requirements vary depending on whether it concerns a low-threshold or high-threshold site. For low-threshold establishments, while there is no obligation to have a safety report drawn up by a safety report expert, they must have a prevention plan in place that covers all measures taken by the company to prevent disasters that could lead to external risks, or to limit their impact on the surroundings. For high-threshold companies, all the obligations of the low-threshold establishments apply plus some additional items such as (among others) the drawing up of a safety report by a safety report expert and the preparation of an external emergency plan. Since the site at Rumst is a low-threshold establishment and the site at Willebroek (Victor Dumonlaan 13) is high-threshold establishment, safety is a very important topic at ODTH.

Human Safety


Before starting an activity, ODTH always asks whether it can be done safely. The activity is performed only if the answer is positive. Human safety (both within and outside the company) is our highest priority, and all possible measures are taken to reduce risks to an absolute minimum.

Environmental Permits


ODTH's Seveso status has everything to do with the fact that ODTH warehouses are fully equipped to store as many categories of hazardous substances as possible. Thus ODTH has a comprehensive environmental permit with which to serve its customers and offer them the possibility to store various product categories.