In September 2007, the European Union began awarding so-called AEO certificates to companies that meet the necessary security and safety criteria. A certified company is a firm that has received an AEO certificate and therefore is considered reliable throughout the EU with respect to customs transactions. Therefore, an AEO company is also eligible across the EU for certain privileges.

The advantages

  • Fewer physical and document controls
  • Priority in the case of controls
  • Advanced notice of controls
  • Required to provide less information on declarations
  • The holder of a certificate may request that a control takes place at a specific location



The extent to which a company is granted these privileges depends on the certificate. There are 3 possibilities:

  • AEO customs simplifications certificate
  • AEO security and safety certificate
  • Combined AEO customs simplifications/AEO security and safety certificate


ODTH obtained the combined customs simplifications/security and safety certificate in June 2014 to ensure fast, safe and secure service to our customers. This also means that in the future, ODTH will be part of "trusted trade lanes".


With this, traditional transactional controls that mean a break in the logistics flow will disappear completely. There will be a new control based on electronic data exchange between customs authorities, without disrupting the flow of goods in the international logistics chain.