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Victor Dumonlaan 13, 2830 Willebroek, Belgium

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Victor Dumonlaan 13, 2830 Willebroek, Belgium

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Discover the seamless path to global trade with our multimodal logistics hub in Willebroek.

Rely on our strategic location between Brussels and Antwerp, next to the Hutchison Ports Container Terminal, for your multimodal import-export needs. From temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments to dangerous goods and general cargo, we ensure maximum security and product integrity in accordance with the strictest EU GDP and Seveso guidelines.

At ODTH Willebroek we strive to take your logistics experience to the next level. Our state-of-the-art facility offers you a wide range of services, including warehousing, value-added services and customs clearance. With our experienced team of logistics professionals, we ensure smooth handling of your import and export processes, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and compliance.

Storage capacity

85.000 m² of indoor storage

Strategic location

Brussels-Antwerp axis

Close to A12 motorway

Multimodal hotspot

Logistics efficiency

Maximise your logistics efficiency with ODTH Willebroek. Thanks to our exceptional location next to the Hutchison inland terminal, we eliminate last-mile trucking and ensure seamless container handling. In addition, our concrete building provides excellent protection and security for your stored goods. With ODTH Willebroek, you are choosing a logistics partner that protects your valuable cargo and at the same time ensures a smooth and cost-effective supply chain.

A wide range of services

ODTH First Class Logistics has a logistics capacity of more than 150.000 m² of warehousing space at various locations in the heart of Flanders. We offer customised warehousing space according to volume and your security requirements, of course with optimum cost control.

Facility details

ODTH mainly operates out of its own buildings. High-quality and sustainable materials are therefore always chosen for the construction of our warehouses.

Product portfolio

Over the years, ODTH has built up expertise in diverse sectors. We offer tailor-made solutions for different types of logistics.


Our QESHA (Quality, Health & Safety, Environment, Security) processes are secured in management systems. ODTH has acquired certificates in several areas.

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Value added services

All Value Added Services are performed in-house by our own staff and/or in collaboration with specialised firms. This ensures great flexibility in the case of fluctuating volumes.

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“In the first year we were able to take 200 trucks off the road. Under normal circumstances, 1,700 containers will go to Antwerp over inland waterways already this year, a savings of at least 160 tonnes of CO2″

Case study

Why choose ODTH Willebroek?

Strategic location

Our multimodal hub in Willebroek offers a strategic location between Brussels and Antwerp, with direct access to the Container Terminal (Hutchison Ports). This favourable location makes it possible to efficiently manage your import and export activities and benefit from daily inland shipping connections with the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. By choosing our hub, you can optimise your logistics processes and save valuable time and costs.

Diversity of goods

We handle an extensive range of products, including temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments, dangerous goods and general cargo. Whether sensitive pharmaceutical products requiring strict temperature control, or dangerous goods requiring special attention and regulatory compliance, our experienced team is well equipped and fully compliant with EU GDP and Seveso guidelines. You can rely on our expertise to handle your various goods safely, while maintaining product integrity.

Safety and quality

At ODTH Willebroek, safety and quality are central. Our facility is constructed entirely of concrete, which provides excellent protection for your stored goods. We follow strict standards and comply with the latest EU GDP and Seveso guidelines to ensure maximum security and compliance. Our dedicated team of logistics professionals ensures careful handling of your goods and strives for a high level of product integrity.

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