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Sustainability is an important theme that is receiving increasing attention within the business community. Companies in the logistics sector also realise the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship. Implementing a sustainability policy is becoming increasingly important for logistics companies, as is reducing the CO2 footprint. Yet a good sustainability policy today is not only about protecting the environment; having a positive impact on society is also gaining in importance.

ODTH has been working on sustainable business operations for years, with 3 important pillars: Social, Economic and Ecological. To ensure progress and to motivate ourselves to improve our sustainability policy, ODTH regularly participates in sustainability charters. In this way we continually set new and ambitious goals.


At ODTH it is important that all employees have a safe and secure workplace, and in our activities we make use of our own employees as much as possible. This is not self-evident in the logistics sector, where volumes and thus the need for personnel differ from day to day.

It’s a core value for ODTH to work as much as possible with its own employees who have received good in-house training: this is an important pillar of ODTH’s Sustainability Policy.

ODTH regularly carries out a stakeholder analysis with the necessary follow-up. This allows us to maintain a good overview and we are able to contact our stakeholders when necessary.

Building sustainable relationships with our stakeholders has been our practice for years.

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Doing business with sufficient care for the planet is not an easy task. ODTH, however, aims to do this to the fullest extent possible.

For example, the operation of large warehouses quickly creates a high demand for energy, which ODTH tries to meet as much as possible with green energy from its own solar roofs.

Currently, almost 50% of the suitable roof surface is already equipped with photovoltaic solar panels. The ambition is to significantly increase this percentage by 2024.

There are numerous projects on the agenda to make ODTH even more sustainable in the future:

  • Participation in sustainable projects,
  • Expansion of in-house green energy production,
  • CO2 footprint reduction

Charter Participation

ODTH annually participates in the VOKA’s (Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Flemish Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship. In this way new objectives are drawn up each year and the continuous improvement of our sustainable business operations is guaranteed.

The charter is based on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs. The aim of the charter is to sufficiently spread the actions across the various SDGs. As a result, these actions focus on all facets of sustainability, from CO2 reduction to employee involvement.

Achievement of the objectives is assessed by a jury, and ODTH has already realised its objectives more than 10 times.

In 2020, VOKA – Mechelen-Kempen rewarded our commitment and work on sustainability with the sustainable company of the year award.