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Our various VAS activities all have the same goal: to make our customers’ lives easier. This allows us to offer multiple services from one physical location.

More than just storage

Our services go beyond just the transport and storage of goods. We offer Value Added Services (VAS) that provide additional benefits for your company and your customers.

With our VAS we can meet the specific needs of your customers. Whether it concerns the palletising of products, labelling, customised packaging, kitting or bundling, we provide customised solutions that differentiate your products and meet the market’s demands.

Our value-added logistics services help you grow your business. Our customised solutions, improvements in efficiency, cost savings and customer-oriented approach enable you to excel in a competitive market.

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Jos De Wael

CEO – ODTH First Class Logistics

Our Value Added Services go beyond traditional transportation and storage, and enable us to provide customised solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations!

Extensive VAS options!

The various VAS activities are incorporated as much as possible into the standard logistics processes. ODTH is also fully committed to collaboration with (in-house) social enterprises. Social enterprises offer expertise and flexibility in carrying out VAS activities, allowing you to benefit from specialised knowledge and experience in the area of VAS.


Bulk loading allows you to make optimal use of the available space in the containers, saving costs and reducing the number of transport movements.


By pre-bundling products into kits, you minimise the risk of errors or missing items in orders, leading to fewer returns and happier customers.


Bundling offers customers the convenience of purchasing multiple products in one package, saving them the time and effort required to search for individual items.


Correct labelling helps meet regulatory agency requirements and industry standards, thus preventing fines and delays. Within the various processes, ODTH can apply additional labelling tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Product configuration

Product configuration services allow customers to tailor their products to their specific needs and preferences, providing a unique and personalised experience. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Returns processing

Efficient and streamlined returns processing minimises the costs associated with return logistics, such as transportation, inspection, repair and restocking.

Import VAS activities

ODTH offers a wide range of VAS activities for receiving import containers. These services provide our customers with additional benefits in support of their supply chain.


  1. Cost-savings: By optimising the load volume of import containers, you can reduce transportation costs per product unit. This is because you can transport more products with the same container, reducing the number of transport movements and the containers required.
  2. Reduced CO2 emissions: Optimising the load volume contributes to sustainability and environmental friendliness. Fewer containers and transport movements mean a reduction in CO2 emissions and a lower ecological footprint
  3. Efficient use of space: Optimising the load volume ensures that you make optimal use of the available space in a container. This minimises empty space and prevents wasting valuable cargo space. This results in more efficient use of your means of transport.
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Case study social enterprise Mivas.

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In-house handling centres

Our in-house VAS handling centre gives us full control over the process, ensuring quality, efficiency and consistency.

Benefits of in-house VAS activities

  • Cost control
    • An in-house handling centre allows us to control costs: no external parties are needed and we are able to make optimal use of our in-house resources and infrastructure.
  • Seamless integration
    • Our in-house handling centres offer seamless integration with other logistics processes, allowing us to realise efficient and optimised supply chain support for our customers.
  • Direct communication
    • Customers benefit from direct communication and close collaboration with our in-house handling team, resulting in fast decision-making and better coordination.
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Why choose ODTH

Custom solutions

We provide customised Value Added Services that meet the unique needs of your business and your customers, helping you differentiate yourself in the marketplace

Efficiency and time savings

Our VAS optimise your supply chain processes and shorten lead times, allowing you to work more efficiently and achieve faster results.

Cost savings

Outsourcing Value Added Services to us saves you costs on transport, internal resources, investments and operational processes.

Quality and precision

Our VAS are carried out with the highest accuracy and attention to detail, allowing you to rely on the quality of our services and ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

Flexibility and scalability

We adapt our VAS based on your changing needs and provide flexible solutions that grow with your business, so you can respond to market trends and opportunities.

Customer centred

We are known for our customer-oriented approach and we put your satisfaction first. We listen to your wishes, provide tailor-made solutions and strive for long-term partnerships.