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Nijverheidstraat 5, Puurs-Sint-Amands, Belgium

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Nijverheidstraat 5, Puurs-Sint-Amands, Belgium

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This site under development is located on ‘the island’ in Puurs.

An exceptional location on the Brussels-Scheldt canal and close to the Willebroek container terminal guarantees optimal multimodal access. This comprises an area of 3 hectares with the possibility of developing 15,000 m² of indoor warehouse space.

Storage capacity

15.000 m² of indoor storage (to be developed)

Strategic location

Brussels-Antwerp axis

Close to A12 motorway

Product portfolio

FMCG, pharmaceuticals, general cargo, chemicals

Logistics hotspot

The location is ideal for both local and global distribution. Containers can be shipped worldwide via the Willebroek container terminal, and easy access to the A12 motorway makes this site also ideal for European distribution.

A wide range of services

ODTH First Class Logistics has a logistics capacity of more than 150.000 m² of warehousing space at various locations in the heart of Flanders. We offer customised warehousing space according to volume and your security requirements, of course with optimum cost control.

Facility details

ODTH mainly operates out of its own buildings. High-quality and sustainable materials are therefore always chosen for the construction of our warehouses.

Product portfolio

Over the years, ODTH has built up expertise in diverse sectors. We offer tailor-made solutions for different types of logistics.


Our QESHA (Quality, Health & Safety, Environment, Security) processes are secured in management systems. ODTH has acquired certificates in several areas.

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Value added services

All Value Added Services are performed in-house by our own staff and/or in collaboration with specialised firms. This ensures great flexibility in the case of fluctuating volumes.

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Why choose ODTH Puurs?

Geographic advantages

Our logistics site in Puurs is strategically located in the region, with excellent access to important transport routes and logistics hubs. Puurs is located close to the port of Antwerp, one of the largest and most efficient ports in the world. This location offers companies direct access to global markets and enables fast and efficient import and export. Furthermore, Puurs offers convenient access to major European cities, allowing companies to easily meet the logistics needs of their customers in the wider region.

Future growth potential

Our logistics site in Puurs is a promising development with significant future growth potential. With plans for expansion and further development, we offer companies the opportunity to be part of this emerging logistics hub from the start. By choosing our site in Puurs, companies can enjoy the benefits of a brand new and strategically located facility, allowing them to grow and evolve in line with their logistics needs and market demand.

Years of experience in logistics developments

With a proven track record and years of experience in the logistics industry, we are the ideal partner for companies striving for logistics excellence. We have built a solid track record in developing and managing successful logistics operations and infrastructures. Our in-depth knowledge, strategic insight and expertise enable us to guide companies at every stage of their logistics development. By choosing our site in Puurs, companies can benefit from our valuable insights and benefit from our proven methods, resulting in efficient and optimized logistics processes.

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