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Customised storage for urban logistics

Sustainability as part of the liveable city.

Mobility, safety and the environment are high on everyone’s agenda. More and more measures are being introduced in major cities to reduce harmful emissions and the number of logistics movements. For example, low emission zones and car-free zones are being set up. This creates additional complexity for deliveries in the city centre.

Jos De Wael

CEO – ODTH First Class Logistics

“At ODTH we’re ready to shape the future of urban logistics and contribute to greener, more efficient and more liveable cities.”

Services in the Mechelen-North City Hub

Within the Mechelen-North City Hub we offer various options to local customers to address their logistics concerns. By having deliveries take place at the outskirts of the city, we help take pressure off the city centre and contribute to a pleasant living environment.

SME box rental

Rental of custom-made SME boxes (from 60 m²). The SME is responsible for organising its box storage, which is accessible to the it during the site’s opening hours.

Receipt of deliveries

ODTH handles the logistics of receiving goods from customers. This means that no one from the customer business needs to be on standby to receive the goods.

Delivery of goods

Together with customers, ODTH examines whether sustainable last-mile delivery can be used to deliver the goods.

Flexibility & sustainability

The use of our SME boxes for storage at the city’s outskirts offers several advantages for our customers. Customers can flexibly use the various services of our logistics hub in Mechelen-North.

Delivering goods in our City Hub in Mechelen contributes to greener, more efficient and more liveable cities.


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“With the expansion of the car-free zone, it’s crucial that we collaborate with businesses in implementing these innovative projects in order to evolve into a strong economic centre.”

Case Studie: City Logistics

Why choose ODTH?

Efficient flow of goods

Our City Hub optimises the flow of goods by consolidating shipments from different suppliers for delivery to one location. This results in fewer vehicle movements and a reduction in traffic congestion, improving logistics efficiency.

Reduced congestion and emissions

The use of a consolidation hub reduces the number of vehicles in busy urban areas. This leads to reduced traffic congestion and lower harmful emissions, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable city.


Our Mechelen-North City Hub offers opportunities for collaboration and networking between various companies and logistics service providers. This promotes synergies, knowledge exchange and innovation in urban logistics.

Safe location

Using a central hub to consolidate your goods can save space at your city centre location. This allows for optimal use of your (expensive) commercial space.


The consolidation of goods contributes to sustainable urban logistics and reduces the negative impact on the environment. By reducing traffic, congestion and emissions, we contribute to a greener and more liveable city.

Cost efficiency

Using a central hub allows companies to save costs by bundling goods and optimising transport routes. This can reduce transport costs and allow companies to benefit from economies of scale.