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In-house social enterprise MIVAS

Case Study

MIVAS is a social enterprise based in Lier that offers tailor-made employment to people with disabilities. These disabilities can be personal and social. MIVAS specialises in providing tailor-made services to customers and, as a social enterprise with 700 employees, guarantees quality. The social enterprise originated in the centre of Lier and moved to the Hagenbroek industrial zone in 1977. There, the small workshops were replaced by a fully-fledged 27.000-m² industrial building.

The case study focuses on the following important expansion: our own workshop at the ODTH distribution centre in Rumst, where a major international FMCG player has its BNL warehouse. This marks a shift from “transporting goods to the social enterprise” to “moving the social enterprise to the goods”.

The case study resulted in the following benefits:


Elimination of daily transports: Replacing transport between warehouses with internal movements within a single warehouse has led to the elimination of daily transport. This has resulted in fewer loading/unloading activities and the ability to respond more quickly to customer questions. This change has had a significant impact both economically and environmentally.


Reduction of minimum storage volumes: By storing everything in one location, it has been possible to reduce minimum storage volumes. This optimises storage space and ensures more efficient use of the available space.


Improvement of ‘just-in-time’ management: Finished goods are immediately available to customers once released by the social enterprise. This ensures improved ‘just-in-time’ management, optimising stock levels and allowing customers to be served more quickly.


Increased flexibility: The implementation of our own workshop at the distribution centre has given us increased flexibility to meet customer expectations. The social enterprise can now quickly respond to changes in demand and fulfil specific customer needs.

ODTH Rumst Customisations team

Together we take on challenges, turn plans into reality and achieve success.

“Not only has the case study led to more efficient logistics and cost savings, but it has also increased our flexibility and strengthened our ability to respond quickly to our customers’ needs. It’s a win-win situation where both economic and environmental benefits come together.”