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Recycling of sheeting

Case Study

An ODTH customer with storage at our site at Mechelen-North was looking for a solution for recycling its sheeting. During production, the finished sheets are protected with a plastic film. This plastic film complicated the recycling process and had a negative impact on the quality of the recycled product.

Together with the customer, ODTH looked for a solution to remove the plastic film from the sheeting and thus optimise recycling of the sheeting.

The case study resulted in the following benefits:


Optimal reuse

Removing the film ensures that the sheeting can be 100% reused. This reduces the pressure on natural resources and lowers the energy requirements and CO₂ emissions associated with the extraction of new material.



Efficiency gains

By outsourcing the preparation of the sheets for recycling, the customer can fully focus on the production of new and recycled material. Its own employees can thus be deployed where they provide the most added value.



Because the film is removed in ODTH’s own warehouses, no additional transport of the sheets is required. The transport of finished material and material to be recycled can thus be combined efficiently.



By outsourcing this process to ODTH, the customer can be more flexible in meeting its needs. ODTH ensures that the necessary capacity is available when required.

More than 300 tonnes per month

ODTH now processes more than 300 tonnes of sheeting each month in its warehouse in Mechelen-North. Recycling saves significant costs compared to the production of new aluminium.

“By recycling the sheets, we reduce pressure on natural resources and lower the energy needs and CO₂ emissions associated with extracting new aluminium.”