The move from a paper based QMS towards a fully digital one

In March 2018 ODTH started the move from a paper based QMS towards a fully digital one by starting with Scilifes document control module, four years later we have incorporated several other modules to be fully complaint while still keeping true to our agile nature! Find out more about our journey with Scilife in Robs testimonial in below post!


Bron: Scilife


Relying on paper leads to misplaced documents and outdated procedures, issues ODTH First Class Logistics were all too familiar with before Scilife! Document creation and version control management were real challenges for this high-quality storage and distribution logistics provider, and since their key customers are in the pharmaceutical industry, a digital overhaul was needed urgently.

ūüí°Scilife has helped ODTH First Class Logistics access everything they need in the same digital space at all times. Now, the company can process complaints and events much faster and monitor deviations without missing any information. They even use Scilife for their health and safety processes, not only in the Quality department!

"Scilife makes everything a bit more alive now. It gives us the opportunity to open the software and see how many events are still open, how many documents we still have in drafts, stuff like that, during an internal audit. It gives you exact numbers in an internal audit, how many complaints you have and what stage of investigation they are in." - Rob Van den Berghen, QA Manager of ODTH

Would you like to know the whole story? Read Rob's testimonial here: