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By this we mean all information flows throughout the entire logistics chain. ODTH NV continually works to optimise these information flows. Since our aim is to provide (potential) customers with excellent and the most advanced services, this is an absolute must at the company.



In most sectors Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is fully established and is a permanent fixture in the process of integrating a new customer in our warehouses. We have a flexible IT platform in house with the latest technology. This platform is maintained by a permanent team that would be happy to explain to you all the possibilities on offer. This work is done according to the GS1 standards, a reference in the world of logistics.


On request, ODTH can implement, manage and maintain your e-shop, which we develop according to your wishes. We work together with specialist partners, which makes it possible for us to take an omnichannel approach in reaching your customers.


We work with the most advanced systems, with our latest version of SAP S/4 HANA being an excellent example. Thanks to the implementation of the Task & Resource Module (TRM) and an in-house designed planning tool, all tasks and resources are efficiently distributed throughout the warehouses.



Our new data centre ensures that there are always back-ups of our entire IT system (servers, data, settings, network …)