Magic Black Box

The Magic Black Box is an extremely compact system comparable to a modular sliding puzzle. The system consists of three basic components: lifts, shuttles and storage channels. Pallets can be moved in any direction and placed at any location. The Magic Black Box distributes up to 1,872 pallets over 52 channels on 4 levels. This allows 52 customer loads to be prepared and sorted in an area < 1000 m².


Fully Automatic

Once a pallet is placed on a conveyor, it is scanned, subjected to quality control via the I-controller, and directly linked to a storage channel and assigned to a lorry. The pallets are then transported to the appropriate storage channel via elevators, which independently serve each level, and shuttles. There are two shuttles per level, so that continuity is guaranteed. There is an identical arrangement of shuttles and lifts on the exit side of the system. The Magic Black Box is linked to the ODTH warehouse management system via interfaces. The sequencing is fully automated and tailored to the needs of the customer, with the pallets automatically sent to the correct delivery route. This allows quicker loading, and increases our capacity to serve the customer.



Selecting multiple entry points increases the system's capacity:


System capacity is 300 pallets per hour. All pallet movements in the Magic Black Box are visually displayed via flat screens on the dispatching floor and in the office.


  • Less dependence on the time that carriers pick up shipments
  • More efficient scheduling of customer loads
  • Sharp increase in productivity
  • Efficiency gains throughout the warehouse thanks to separate input and output streams