AGV Technology

Our site in Willebroek is equipped with an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) and an automatic loading and unloading system.

Laad- & Lossysteem

The automatic loading and unloading system consists of chain conveyors coupled to specially designed lorries, allowing a lorry to be fully unloaded in just minutes. The full load is transported on a chain conveyor, which in turn is emptied by the AGV. Thus the lorry can already depart after just a few minutes.


Once the chain conveyor is filled with pallets, the AGV automatically starts. This specially designed unit will pick up the pallets from the chain conveyor and sort them in rows on the floor. The AGV automatically sorts by code, type of pallet, etc. The software makes it possible to keep track of and check which pallets are unloaded and handled.


  • Enormous time savings when unloading
  • System operates independently, 24/7
  • Sorting of pallets by code, batch, type of pallet, etc.