Another achievement in our digital ambition! Automatic and fully digitalized dock allocation now in place.

After a successful fully digitalized registration established in 2018, automation continues in 2019: Our RPA software captures the arrival time and updates the customer (your) webtool. 

The process for the automated dock door allocation starts automatically based on several KPI’s:

When a dock door is assigned our security officer will use our new parking overview app which gives a visibility on all trucks on our premises and their current status (failed, successful and awaiting). He will automatically receive the loading/unloading card for the truck. After performing security and quality checks, the driver is directed to the site entrance. Our ANPR cameras read the license plate and gates are opened. The driver can then move forward to the allocated dock door.

When the truck reaches the dock our dock sensors will update the visual dock overview in the control tower in real-time and our warehouse supervisor is immediately notified by the warehouse app available on tablet

The results of this digital process are countless… 
Our administration has decreased significantly,  waiting time for truck drivers has been reduced and the total truck turnaround time has been decreased with nearly 30%.   Even our internal pallet handling activity has gained 3,5% performance, as we assign trucks and goods to the dockdoor closest to their final location.

In short, all departments and customers benefit daily from the positive effects of this digital workflow.