Our truck registration process at ODTH Willebroek warehouses is fully automated, using a very straight forward sign-in application. Licence plates are registered in our system via optical recognition.

Tablets our available for drivers with a registration app in up to fifteen languages and using very user-friendly icons.

All this results in an efficient and fast registration process with real-time info available for planning purposes and security.

Create a customer-oriented REGISTRATION, maximise TROUGHPUT, avoid CONGESTION, enhance SECURITY

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) automatically scans the trucks licence plate. After parking the truck on the new driver-friendly and fully secured parking lot, the driver will have access to a kiosk where a simple straight forward  app allows him to complete load registration. 

In case of successful registration and after an individual check by our guards, the truck can enter the ODTH premises. In case of unsuccessful registration our guards office is available to assist.


•    Sign-in process < 120 SEC
•    3 tablets = 3 drivers registrations at the same time
•    Real time planning tool
•    One-way traffic on ODTH site
•    Access by ANPR technology
•    Parking, only for ODTH customers
•    Avoid waiting queue at guard
•    Guards focus on security
•    Real time attendance list